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PASIC is undertaking the construction of tubewells by adopting latest Technologies. Tubewells are constructed for Non Agriculture / Industrial purposes in Pondicherry and Karaikal regions and for all purposes in certain areas of Tamilnadu adjoining Pondicherry. PASIC is equipped with one rotary mud circulated Power rig capable of constructing shallow tubewells and deep tubewells upto a depth of 350 mtrs with a dia 200-250 mm. The tubewell construction unit is under the control of Deputy General Manager (Tubewells), supported by a team of well trained technical staff. Electrical logger is used to log the borehole to delineate the potable and potential water bearing zone and also recommendation of the Hydrogeologist is obtained for ensuing 100% success of the tubewells. After completion of the tubewells a detailed technical report on the technical aspects of the constructed tubewells like depth. lithology, discharge, details of casing lowered, suitable motor pumpset for pumping out water is given to the tubewell owners for reference.

 Additionally the Corporation is undertaking works like cleaning of old tubewells, fishing of operation like removal of fallen submersible pumpsets, etc. at reasonable rates. Development of tubewells with air compressors for cleaning the existing tubewells are also undertaken. Besides, PVC Casing pipes required for constructing tubewells and other drilling materials like Bentonite Mud and pebbles are sold at reasonable rates. Further, while constrcuting tubewells in the areas where aquifers are instruted by sea water, clay balls packing technology is used to prevent vertical leakage of sea water. Since, the establishment of the Corporation, PASIC has so far constructed 350 Nos of tubewells successfully.