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 ‘Pondichéry Water’ is the oldest serving brand of Mineral Water in India. This water is directly bottled from a single deep source that knows nothing of pollution and overwhelms your thirst with the natural taste and purity of water you can trust.

The Pondichéry Agro Service and Industries Corporation Limited (PASIC), a Government of Pondichéry Undertaking is bottling and marketing Natural Mineral Water under the brand name ” Pondichéry” since 1989. It is the only Government Undertaking in the country to market Mineral Water.

The Pondichéry Water has the following special features:

  • It is free from Chemical treatment processes like Demineralisation, Reverse Osmosis etc. which is being done by most of the other brands in order to meet the specifications stipulated by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • It is bottled directly from a single source and has no franchise, unlike the other leading brands who have franchised for bottling their brands in cities and leading towns for marketing in the local area to save the transport cost.
  • As it is bottled only from a single source, the taste of the water is the same,irrespective of the region it is sold, comparing to other leading brands.
  • Possesses extra features of safety.

The Pondichéry water enjoys the special status of being the official supplier to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi from 1989 onwards. The Pondichéry water is being now patronized by certain Embassies and Consulates for serving to their dignitaries in Delhi and in Chennai and in leading Star Hotels in Chennai and other major cities in India.

Unique feature of Pondichéry Water the elixis of life

  • Is totally free from pathogenic bacteria.
  • Is obtained from deep aquifer – natural source.
  • Is pure and tasty in its form and nothing has been added to or removed from this water.
  • Compares itself on part with those of the established international brands.
  • Is ideally suitable for our children and aged patients and improves the taste of any drink when mixed.
  • Leaves no residue or scale formations-even if kept for a long period-untampered.
  • Has been thoroughly tested in leading Laboratories like M/s. Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Bangalore, Bhahab Atomic Research Centre, Kalpakkam, and SGS Laboratory, Chennai.
  • Meets the parameters set by Bureau of Indian Standards as per IS: 14543
  • Tastes the same whether it is consumed in Delhi or in Kanyakumari.
  • Is packed in PET food grade bottles of convenient sizes – fitting to the needs of the consumers:

2.0 litres – Family Pack
1.5 litres – Economy Pack
1.0 litre – Ideal Pack and
0.5 liter – Handy Pack

Also have launched in bulk containers of 12 litres PET jar and 20 litres Bubble Top.

This water has been tested at the following places

  1. SGS India Private Limited, Chennai.
  2. Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Bangalore.
  3. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, kalpakkam.

The Bureau of Indian Standards has awarded ISI certification to Pondichéry brand as Packaged Drinking Water on 7th August 2001. A full-fledged laboratory has been established for analyzing the water on daily basis for Physical, Chemical and Micro-biological factors. The tests are being conducted daily and the Bureau of Indian Standards, Chennai also often makes surprise visits to the Plant for ensuring the quality of the water.

In spite of the stiff competition posed by many brands the Pondichéry Water being the pioneer in this field has been able to combat the competition and market the product successfully in Delhi, Chennai and Pondichéry.

The French who are the pioneers in the field of bottling Mineral Water, normally brand the product after the name of the place of source and where it is bottled. Similarly this water has also been branded as Pondichéry. Whereas other mineral waters available in this country are branded in their own name. Hence, if the Pondichéry water is consumed either at Delhi or at Kanyakumari, the taste and quality of the water will be the same. The other brands are bottled in various parts of the Country and therefore the taste and quality will be different from place to place.

As this water is from a single source, the transportation cost is very exorbitant when it reaches Delhi and in spite of that this water has got very distinguished loyal customers like Embassies, Kidney transplant patients and lovers of Mineral Water.