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The Pondicherry Agro Service and Industries Corporation Limited, Commonly known as “PASIC” was incorporated in the year 1986 under the Companies Act 1956 as No.399 of 1986.

The main objective of the Corporation is to organise supply of all Agricultural Inputs like Fertilisers, Seeds, Organic Mannures, Plant Protection chemicals and Equipments Horticultural Planting Materials, Agricultural Implements & Tools, Bio-Fertilisers, Soil amendments etc., to the farming community at a reasonable price under one roof at the right time.

To cater to the needs of the farming community there is a network of 49 Agro Depots in all the four regions apart from 3 Horticultural show rooms called “Vasantham” and 5 Vegetable Outlets in Pondicherry and Karaikal including the two vegetable sale outlets in “Uzhavar Sandhai“.

Because of the establishment of network of Agro Depots in urban, semi urban and rural areas, the requirement of Agricultural Inputs of the farmers are met within a radius of 3-5Kms.

PASIC serves to the Farmers and the Public Viz.

Production and Marketing :

  • Production of different grade of Fertiliser Mixtures and Special Mixtures required for specific crops for basal and top dressing.
  • Production of Horticultural Planting Materials and Ornamental Plants including Coconut Seedlings.

Trading Activities

PASIC undertakes the purchase and marketing of the following materials required to the farming community and to the public.

  1. Agricultural Inputs: (1) Straight Fertilisers like Urea, Single Superphosphate, Ammonium Sulphate,Ammonium Chloride and Murate of Potash, Complex fertilisers like Diammonium Phosphate (18:46) Factomphos (20:20:0), Paramfos (16:20:0) and Vijay Complex (17:17:17) and Rock Phosphate.
  2. Different kinds of Plant Protection chemicals like Pesticides,Fungicides, Weedicides and Accaricides and Rodenticides.
  3. Foundation, Certified and Truthfully labelled seeds of different varieties of paddy Groundnut, Cotton and Green Manure seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds etc.,
  4. Plant Protection Equipments like manually operatered and Power Operated sprayers and Dusters etc.
  5. Soil Ammendments like Gypsum, Lime powder etc.,
  6. Micro nutrient Mixtures required for different crops both for basal and Foliar application,
  7. Different kinds of Implements and Tools required for Agriculture and Horticulture operations.
  8. Horticultural Planting Materials like different varieties of Fruit Plants and Coconut Seedlings.
  9. Different kinds of vegetables, fruits and eggs required to the Public, School, Central Kitchens, different school canteens of Pondicherry and Karaikal Regions, Hostels of Adhi Dhravidar Welfare Department, Government Hospital, Hostels run by Social Welfare Department, Health Institutions and Jipmer Hospital.
  10. Supply of Computer Stationeries and Consumables to different Government departments and Institutions.
  11. Supply of Cement to Government and Non-Government Institutions and to the Public.
  12. PVC – Pipes and Cables
  13. Solar Equipments like Solar Lanterns, solar water heater, solar cooker and Power saving CF Lamps.
  14. Supply of biscuit/Milk to the school students studying in I to VIII standards in Government and Government Aided Schools of all the four Regions.
  15. Supply of Rice to Schools of Karaikal Region and transport of free rice to schools.
  16. Bio-Control Agents like Bio-Pesticides, Pheremone Lure and Traps.
  17. Storage Bins.
  18. Rat Traps and Insect Traps.
  19. Organic Manure like Neem oil cake,Groundnut oil Cake etc.

PASIC Undertakes the following

  • Laying of Ornamental Gardens and Maintenance of Ornamental Gardens.
  • Digging of Farm Ponds.
  • Processing Truthfully Labelled seeds in their own seed processing unit for the distribution of TFL Seeds.

Delarship Activities

PASIC has a Mega Godown at Arasur which is also serving as

  •  stock point for the fertiliser manufacturers like
    • E.I.D Parry India Limited,
    • Madras Fertililsers Limited,
    • Indian Potash Limited,
  • It is also a private stock point for SPIC limited.
  • Stock Point for the Pesticides and Micro Nutrient Mixtures manufactured by M/s. T.Stanes Company Limited.
  • PASIC is a dealer for
    • Mahyco Seeds and Indo American Hybrid Seeds.
    • Aspee Plant Protection Equipements.
    • ACC Cement, TANCEM Cement.

Apart from the distribution of Agricultural inputs through the network of Agro Depots, PASIC is maintaining two Horticultural farms at karuvadikuppam and Arasur for the quality production of ornamental plants,Grafted plants of different varieties of Mango and sapota and layers of Guava and lime and production of Vegetable seeds. The required mother plants are maintained in the farm for grafting.

At present the average Business Annual turnover of PASIC is Rs 23 crores. The PASIC’s Market share on Fertiliser is 40% plant protection Chemicals 45% and seeds around 80%.

This year PASIC has entered into the distribution of Bread to the students studying from I to VIII standards in Government and Government Aided Schools under the “Sri Rajiv Gandhi Breakfast Scheme”.

PASIC is the only Corporation in Pondicherry which is running on profit from the inception and paying Dividend to the Government regularly.