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1. Pudhucherry Agro Service and Industries Corporation Limited, popularly known as PASIC was incorporated in the year 1986. The Corporation is playing a major role in the distribution of all agricultural inputs like quality seeds, organic and inorganic manure, plant protection chemicals, plant protection equipments, horticultural plants, implements, tools, bio-fertilisers, etc., at right time and at reasonable price.

2. The agricultural inputs are distributed through the network of 39 Agro Depots and 3 VASANTHAM Horticultural showrooms in Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. Vegetables are also sold through 5 outlets in Pondicherry.

3. PASIC has recorded sales of Rs. 47.41 crores during 2004- 05. Its market share on fertiliser is 35 to 40%, plant protection chemicals 40 to 45% and seeds around 70 to 80%. In close association with the Department of Agriculture, the entire certified seeds produced are distributed to the farmers apart from sizeable quantity of truthfully labelled seeds. The percentage of certified seeds distributed over the total seeds sold by PASIC has increased from 19.6% to 39%.

4. The Corporation has its own Horticultural Farms for the production of coconut seedlings and multiplication of horticultural plants. The plants are multiplied in the Green House on large scale. It undertakes laying of ornamental gardens and also maintenance. To meet the future demands, mother plants of different fruits are planted in the farm and the multiplication will commence shortly. It also has a Fertiliser Mixing Unit at Arasur for the production of different grades of fertiliser mixtures.

5.The Corporation has Groundwater Consultancy Wing which undertakes turnkey jobs of construction of tubewells and installation of motor pumpsets for non-agricultural purposes. It also maintains 81 community tubewells to hire water to farmers in Pondicherry and Karaikal regions.

6.The Corporation executes civil works entrusted by Government Department /Agencies.

7. PONDICHÉRY water unit which was established in 1989 is bottled and marketed throughout India through the network of dealers. The mineral water plant has been modenised to improve the quality and to meet the increasing demand.A small quantity was exported to Singapore during this year

8. The Corporation also Sells cement through its outlets and also to different Government Departments/Agencies.

9. Foreseeing the future requirements, the Corporation has started another prestigious project of producing organic manure from urban waste with the latest know-how on composting and production of bio-fertilisers. A Joint-Venture has been entered into between PASIC and Pondicherry Co-operative Sugar Mills for production of enriched pressmud compost by utilisation of the pressmud (PCSM) sugarmill effluent and Flyash.